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PACIBYE WIPES are wipes that parents can use to wean their child off of sucking their thumb, putting their dirty hands in their mouth, biting their fingers, using a pacifier, or their bottle. The wipes consist of an ECO friendly all natural bitter solution which is scented with bubble gum and berry aromas and can be applied to whatever the parent deems necessary. Each package is small enough to put in a baby bag, purse, jacket, or drawer and contains 15 wipes.

Currently, there are no known ways to achieve this outcome anywhere in the market and preliminary surveys and research has shown that parents have gone as far as using a similar concept that is meant for dogs and animals and contains alcohol in its spray. This method is not safe in any way for the child. Also, parents who chose more barbaric measures of intervening have reported that the child forms some form of resentment towards them.
The wipes will be available late Spring to early Summer 2013. 

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